How We Make Our Famous Gelato

Gelato is Italian for Ice Cream and the basic ingredients are the same: Milk, Cream and sugar. But unlike most Ice Cream, Trampoline Gelato contains less fat and less air, leaving room for more real ingredients like fresh fruit and nuts.

Trampoline prides itself on using the freshest milk and cream direct from our local farmers in Gippsland, south eastern Victoria.
Sourcing our milk daily from around 140 farmers – and their 38,500 odd Jersey and Friesian cattle! – we can literally link the milk used in our gelato back to the farmer and of course, the cows supplying it. We call this the ‘Farmgate Connection’ and are one of the few, if not only, gelato suppliers who can lay claim to this fame. We then use this to make all our gelato fresh on site daily in every store.